Equipment Leasing
for African Markets.

African Asset Finance Company (AAFC) provides equipment leasing and asset-backed lending in Africa through AAFC group companies and partnerships. AAFC is a privately owned US corporation, with its main office located in New York.
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By providing carefully selected equipment to African businesses we aim to: enable long-term, sustainable growth, help accelerate economic activity, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors and lenders.

How We Work

We offer a variety of standard and customized leasing and lending options to qualifying businesses, directly, through our subsidiaries, or in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

We are an independent leasing company and primarily write leases on our own balance sheet or on the balance sheets of funds we manage. We occasionally act as a leasing broker.


AAFC offers both equity and fixed income investment opportunities to accredited and qualified impact investors through its dedicated pools of funding for leasing programs in Africa.

Equipment Leasing

We offer a full suite of equipment leasing products, including capital (or finance) leases, operating leases, sale-and-lease-back, and asset-backed lending programs. Where needed, we include and organize maintenance and insurance, as well as operator training, certification and deployment.

We focus on high-quality equipment that contributes to a more energy-efficient economy, a safer workplace, better yields and makes a meaningful impact on the populations our customers serve.

Examples of equipment we offer include:

  • Agricultural machinery, such as tractors and irrigation equipment
  • Medical equipment, such as MRI scanners
  • Food processing equipment, such as imaging technology for coffee sorting
  • IT equipment, such as servers, switches and storage equipment for use in data centers
  • Drilling rigs for water bore holes, geothermal and infrastructure
  • Power generation: solar, wind, storage and energy efficient back-up power

Vendor Lease Programs

In partnerships with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we develop and manage Pan-African, regional or national vendor lease programs.

Our current focus is on the following sectors:

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Asset-Backed Lending, Fleet and Equipment Pool Financing

We provide, manage and arrange asset-backed leasing and lending facilities for distributors, large operators, and transnational industrial clients.

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